Homemade dog treats you bake in your oven at home. Our homemade dog biscuits are made with natural wholesome ingredients that your dog will love!

How To Make Dog Treats

Pupolicious provides a fun and easy dog treat mix which allows for you and your kids to get involved in the creation of your puppy’s treats!  All of our packaging includes directions on how to make easy dog treats, but here’s a quick run through on the steps of making easy dog treats.  You may think it’s difficult, but learning how to make dog treats can be done in three simple steps!


Easy Dog Treats Puplicious dog treat packages come with an all-natural, preservative-free dry mix for the treats and the icing. All you have to do is add oil and water!  If you can make brownies then learning how to make dog treats will be a piece of cake! Our fun and easy dog treats don’t have a list of preservatives a mile long, just natural ingredients with no additives.


Homemade Dog TreatsAfter stirring our treat and icing mix with oil and water, spread the treat mix out on your counter with a rolling pin. Next, you’ll need to cut out the treats with one of the cookie cutters we include in each treat mix package. After you spread the treats out on a baking sheet place the sheet into the oven, sit back, and relax!

& Decorate

Healthy Easy Dog TreatsAfter the treats cool gather the kids up for some decorating!  Plaster those cookies up with some of the included icing mix (even if your puppy can’t see the colors, they’ll love the icing’s taste).  You’ve successfully made the easiest homemade puppy treats you’ll ever find!  It’s safe for the family, tasty for the dog, and fun to do!